Nintendo Thinking Backwards, Continues to Shun iOS and Android

gpsphone 8

Nintendo has been synonymous with video games for several decades, yet the iconic game maker refuses to launch its classic titles on iOS or Android. Instead, the Japanese corporation wants to do the very opposite.

Rather than port its own games to popular devices like the iPhone, Galaxy S4 or HTC One, Nintendo is encouraging developers to port their smartphone games to its household Wii U console. 

The Japan Times per Daring Fireball:

Nintendo Co. is trying to modify its game consoles so customers can use smartphone applications on them as it searches for a way to return to profitability, company sources said.

The game console and software maker has offered professional-use conversion software to application developers so they can produce smartphone games that can be played on Wii U, a struggling home video game console that helped widen the firm’s operating loss in fiscal 2012.

While placing a greater emphasis on the mobile scene is a smart move for Nintendo, they’re simply doing it wrong. Nintendo is passing up a massive opportunity by refusing to launch its popular games — Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda and so many others — on iOS, Android or alternative mobile platforms. iFans knows firsthand how successful Nintendo could be with this venture, judging interest in the gpSPhone 8 (Gameboy Advance) emulator alone.

Nintendo still has time to right the ship. The company might have posted an annual operating loss last year, and is witnessing poor or declining Wii U and Gameboy sales, but the Kyoto-based corporation remains the largest video game maker in terms of revenues. Nintendo has the resources that it needs at its disposal to pioneer another era of success, which should start with iOS and Android.

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