What Apps Need Velox Support?

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

Velox is now available and, although it may be somewhat buggy at the moment, it brings home screen functionality to iOS that we haven’t yet seen in jailbreak software. Essentially, it allows you to perform certain common app actions directly on the home screen, and each app has its own unique implementation. Sadly, besides a few exceptions, the only apps supported out of the box are the default iOS apps.

Developers do have the ability to add support for apps that have high demand, though. A prime example of this is that a tweak developer (not related to Jason Morrissey) has announced that he will soon be releasing a Velox plugin for the app as soon as tonight.

While the developers of Velox have already included support for some highly-trafficked apps (Tweetbot is supported as a Twitter client due to its popularity), the ability for third-parties to develop plugins for the tweak make it just that much more powerful.

What apps do you use daily that need Velox support? And what features of said apps would you add to the quick access menu? With enough requests, these app’s developers might even help out as you’ve seen above!

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