What Are Your Favorite Piano Passcode Songs?

2013-05-02 17_15_32-Piano Passcode (PREVIEW) - YouTube

If you’ve been following us here at iFans, you know that the Piano Passcode tweak is now available and being used by the masses. It’s probably aimed at those who are musically inclined, but that doesn’t mean any old Joe can’t use it! If you just simply don’t have the patience to peck out some of your favorite tunes, we’ve got you covered.

The first resource for Piano Passcode tunes is a video done by YouTube channel TekWik. In the following video, you’ll find some of the most sought after tunes and you might even discover a jingle you forgot existed!

If this just doesn’t satisfy you, though, the kind people over at the Jailbreak subreddit have compiled a humongous list of popular tunes. I’ve embedded the best ones below.

Zelda’s Lullaby – 35212352
Epona’s Song – 42142142121 or 53253253232
Imperial March – 333153153
Beethoven’s 5th – 66645553
Scarborough fair – 22663432
Song of Healing – 76476476323
Rocky theme- 1111111131111
Rugrats theme – 123456534321

Which of these do you prefer? There are a nearly unlimited number of tunes possible, so be sure to head over to the comments and share your favorites!

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