Apple Continues to Kill App Discovery Apps

mac-app-storeAlmost a month ago, Apple pulled AppGratis–a deal-a-day discovery app–from the App Store. Apparently, though, that was only the beginning of a store-wide crackdown. AllThingsD said at the time that AppGratis was only the first of many and, today, confirms that Apple has continued its crackdown on apps that violate App Store regulation 2.25. says:

We’ve been contacted by one developer whose app discovery tool has recently been blocked by Apple because it includes such features, with App Store regulation 2.25 – which restricts apps that could be confused by consumers as app stores in their own right – cited within the reasoning.

The developer mentioned above had their app rejected on grounds of including ”filtering, bookmarking, searching, or sharing recommendations.” The developer had not yet seen this rejection notice and believes it may be new.

I have not seen this rejection notice before and believe that it is a new one. We thought that basing our recommendations on sharing was suitable for Apple, as it had previously stated that if you bake in social or local into your app discovery, you would be fine.

As MacRumors notes, guideline 2.25 has very broad, generalized wording–wording which basically allows Apple to interpret the rule however they wish. In this case, it clearly shows that Apple doesn’t want apps that contain these kinds of features in the App Store. If your app has capabilities that allow App Store “filtering, bookmarking, searching, or [the] sharing [of] recommendations,” you may want to keep an eye out.

[ via MacRumors]

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