Cydia: How to Hide Title Bars and Tool Bars While Scrolling with FullScroll

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Today seems to be Ryan Petrich day on Cydia as he apparently pushed Luna, FullScroll, and Grabby to BigBoss for widespread availability. We told you about Luna on Friday and you heard about Grabby earlier this month, but what about FullScroll? What does this mystical tweak do?

It’s pretty simple, but the concept is invaluable and has already changed the way I use my iPhone. Most apps have a top “title bar” and a bottom “toolbar” for navigation. While scrolling–through something like your Twitter feed–you don’t need this navigation bars on the screen. FullScroll hides them elegantly, but only while scrolling. A good example is how it looks while scrolling through Tweetbot.

When you begin scrolling down, FullScroll brings the content of the app full-force, and hides the navigation bars you don’t need. To make them reappear, simply scroll up and they will slide smoothly back in to view.

Photo May 05, 5 27 27 PM

The tweak is currently in version 1.0 and only provides one method of customization. It lets you decide on a per-app basis whether you would like the tweak to hide just the top bar, both bars, or neither. By default, FullScroll has all apps set to title bar only. I can only think of one other setting i’d like: the ability to decide how quickly the bars move on and off the screen. It’s currently a little fast for my tastes.

Petrich’s FullScroll just appeared on BigBoss for the ridiculously expensive price of free. Head over and give it a try; I know you won’t regret it.

Also, for any wondering, my system font is Roboto Lite.

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