New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Mocks iPhone Yet Again

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad

Samsung has outed a new Galaxy S4 ad that promotes a number of the smartphone’s features, including air gestures, the camera, the ability to use it as a TV remote, and S Beam, which allows users to share files with a nearby smartphone using NFC.

The 93-second advertisement is centered upon a summer graduation party, with energetic and hip young adults all using Galaxy S4 smartphones. Later in the spot, Samsung shows an older couple with iPhones coming to the realization that some smartphones are “smarter” than others.

This is far from the first time that Samsung has attempted to undermine the iPhone as part of its marketing efforts. In fact, this commercial is just the latest in a string of TV ads — watch all four: one, two, three, four — that promote the Galaxy S III or Galaxy S4 over iPhone.

Samsung released the Galaxy S4 in late April, and it has received mixed reviews from major publications. While the smartphone is certainly a welcomed improvement over the Galaxy S III, it’s an iterative refresh at best and has several so-called “gimmicky” features.

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