iPhone Approaches 40% Usage Rate in U.S.


The smartphone¬†marketshare wars may be far from over, but it appears that Apple is outpacing Android in at least one important metric.That metric is usage share, a measurement of which devices are actually used most by consumers. The latest reports, compiled by comScore, paint a rather bright picture for Apple (and, unsurprisingly, Samsung). Apple’s usage share in the United States has risen to 40%, largely thanks to strong iPhone 5 and continued to iPhone 4S sales.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also grown, albeit at a slower pace. Samsung’s usage share rose to 21.7%, up from 21% in December. The other manufacturers measured (LG, Motorola, and HTC) all saw varying drops in their usage share in the same time period. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market in almost all quantifiable metrics.


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