Jailbreak Tweak Piano Passcode for iOS Submitted to BigBoss

2013-05-02 17_15_32-Piano Passcode (PREVIEW) - YouTube

If you thought the piano lockscreen tweak we posted about last week was cool, you’re in luck. The developer has announced via a Reddit thread that it has been submitted the tweak to the BigBoss repo and that it will be available within a few days. Hit the break for an awesome review of the tweak in French!

Piano Passcode has already reached hands of one YouTube user and he has published a video review that walks through almost every aspect of the tweak. Sadly, the video is in French.

If you saw our post from the 23rd of April, you were probably less than impressed with the tweak’s looks. The video above clearly demonstrates that its developer has been working hard and it appears to now be much more visually polished.

Other features demoed in the video include the tweak’s configuration panel and its ability to be used on top of a standard device passcode. In the event that you can’t remember the tune you set, you will be able to simply enter your typical iOS passcode to gain access to your device.

As many have noted on Reddit and elsewhere, this tweak will probably not be ideal if you truly depend on your iOS device’s security. It would be fairly easy for anyone around to repeat your secret tune and gain access to your device. True, you can use the tweak with sound off, but what’s the fun in that? More than anything, I think this tweak will prove to be simply a novelty.

The developer has announced that the tweak will be $0.99 at the time of release.

[via Reddit]

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