Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Only Half of 16 GB Advertised Storage

(Image Source: Android Central)

(Image Source: Android Central)

In the days following the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch on most major carriers in the United States, a number of users have complained about the lack of available storage on the handset. After accounting for the operating system and other native bloatware, Geek (via BGR) reports that the Galaxy S4 only has about half of its advertised 16 GB storage free for usage.

Samsung has preloaded a number of applications on the Galaxy S4 — S Health, S Travel, S Translator and so forth — that chew through 45 percent of the smartphone’s storage capacity. So, despite being advertised as a 16 GB device, the Galaxy S4 has a mere 8.82 GB of free space. While the Samsung device does support a microSD card for up to 64 GB of additional space, the situation is still rather misleading.

[Geek via BGR]

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