Apple Doubles iPad Production

Apple is now producing two million iPads per month in order to meet consumer demand, doubling their previous output. The iPad originally faced some manufacturing bottlenecks when LG, the main source of iPad displays, was unable to keep pace with Apple. But last week, the estimated wait time for ordering an iPad was reduced from 3-5 days to just 24 hours. Many thought this was due to a decline in sales, but the numbers show that that could not be further from the truth.

In June, it was estimated that Apple was producing a total of 1.2 million iPads per month. That was up from 800,000-900,000 units in May, 700,000 units in April, 470,000 units in March, and 300,000 in February. At the time, it was projected that Apple could produce as many as 2.5 million per month in time for the 2010 holidays.

To keep up with the holiday demand, Apple wants to further increase monthly production in the fourth quarter to three million. The slew of alternative tablets being released by competitors are going to have a tough time surviving with the iPad hogging the spotlight. And with iOS 4.2 being released in a couple months, Apple’s tablet will be even harder to resist.

[Apple Insider]

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