iTunes 10 Tips and Tweaks

Relocate Window Controls (Mac only)

The traffic light controls on iTunes 10 have been flipped vertically in order to save space and make the program more streamlined, but many users don’t like this change. Luckily, there is a quick fix to put them back to where they belong.

Just type the following into the Terminal and hit enter.

defaults write full-window -boolean YES

If you want to change it back, trade “YES” for “NO”.

via CNET

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Colorize the Sidebar (Mac only)

The new greyscale sidebar is pretty bland, but there is a simple hack to bring life back to (most) of the icons.

Just navigate to the link below and download the rsrc file. Navigate to iTunes in your applications folder, right click and click on show package contents. Now navigate to contents then resources. Drag the downloaded file here and paste it here. Overriding the current one.

The file can be found here.

via MacRumors. Thanks Oliver Barker!

Album Art Widget

So if you’re one of the millions that have installed iTunes 10 you might not have been aware that Apple has taken a leaf from many third party applications and added a artwork controller to iTunes. Most people on Macs use the popular tool Bowtie with its many varying skins. Some use Coversutra and other alternatives.

However, Apple has now added its own album artwork view in a handy sizeable widget. When playing a piece of music in iTunes, even a TV show or movie, you can simply click on the album artwork that appears in the bottom left of the iTunes window and a separate window will open.

You can move your mouse over the artwork to get some quicktime controls as shown below. Identical controls to the Quicktime 10 player itself!

This is a great little tool that doesn’t take up any extra memory if you’re like me and want album art on your desktop with handy controls. After all, iTunes is normally a large window taking up much of your space. Be warned however, if you don’t always play music from the iTunes store and have low quality album art it will be very noticeable unless you resize the widget appropriately.

Thanks again Oliver Barker!

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