Activoice Tweak for Google Now Updated to Support iOS Google 3.0


As I reported yesterday, the official iOS app for Google was updated to add full-fledged Google Now support–something that has been available on many Android phones for almost an entire year. With that release, however, came the demand for jailbreak tweaks to better integrate Google’s voice service with iOS. One of those tweaks is NowNow, but there’s another–done by Ryan Petrich–that tops it in functionality. It’s called Activoice, and it was today updated to support the latest version of Google’s app.

The tweak is functionally very similar to NowNow, but there are a few minute difference that may sway you to Petrich’s side of the pool. Not only does Activoice support opening to the “Google Now” voice search feature, but it allows you to instantly open to any part of Google’s iOS app. Included Activator actions are as follows:

  • Launch to Goggles,
  • Launch Google apps list,
  • Launch Google Now,
  • Launch Text Search,
  • and Activate voice Search.

On top of these, there are a couple other nuances that separate the tweaks. While NowNow shows the app switch animation, Activoice shows a black screen for a brief moment which some say is slightly more elegant. Other than that, though, the two are very comparable.

If any of these additional features sound appealing, you may want to consider getting Ryan Petrich’s Activoice instead of NowNow. After all, both of them are completely free, so why go with the one with less features? You can grab Activoice completely free on the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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