Apple Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine

If you watched the Apple keynote from earlier this week, you may have noticed that the demo of iTunes 10 had Facebook support built into Ping, but the version released to the public did not. Why? Well, in a somewhat humorous turn of events, it looks like Apple was rejected by Facebook.

Basically, Facebook allows anyone to use their Friend-Finding API, unless “some entity wants to access it a lot. In that case, Facebook requires an agreement for reasons primarily centered on protection of Facebook user data and, of course, infrastructure impact.” Ping certainly meets these requirements, since millions of people use iTunes everyday. Apple chose to ignore these terms and used the API anyway, without permission from Facebook, who in turn blocked Ping from accessing the API altogether.

Steve Jobs originally claimed that Facebook integration was removed due to “onerous terms”, but it seems as though Steve just couldn’t sit tight and negotiate a working agreement with Facebook, so they were denied access. Considering the tight API restrictions Jobs has placed on applications in the App Store, you would think he would know better.

[All Things D]

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