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The impending closure of Google Reader on July 1st has forced me to seek out alternative news reader solutions, even if I am admittedly stubborn in doing so. I ultimately decided to permanently setup my iPad mini on my desk as my dedicated news discovery portal. At first, I didn’t think I would be impressed.

But, within just a few hours, I realized that there are quite a few gems on the App Store for tracking headlines, should they be coming from Twitter, traditional RSS feeds or elsewhere. Join me ahead as I walkthrough the best news apps for iPad.


Flipboard App IconFlipboard is not only one of the best news apps for iPad, but it’s also one of the oldest. Flipboard, which launched just three months after the original iPad, is an interactive magazine at your fingertips. To build your magazine, you can use the built-in content discovery section to subscribe to particular subjects: technology and science, news, business, arts and culture, sports, food and dining, travel and more.

Moreover, you can connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and other social accounts to stay up to date with the latest tweets, status updates, filtered photos and blog posts. Once your digital magazines are setup the way you like them, you simply swipe and use other multitouch gestures to navigate the content. Flipboard is a highly visual, superb solution for news discovery on iPad and iPhone. Best of all, it’s free on the App Store.


Feedly iconFor those like me that were avid users of Google Reader, which is shutting down July 1st, Feedly is probably the best next thing. In fact, it’s arguably better in many areas. Feedly is a free app for iPad — it also has an iPhone and online version — that allows you to organize, read and share your favorite news sites, RSS feeds and social accounts in a magazine style that is similar to Flipboard.

Feedly also has a “saved for later” feature that allows you to save articles across all devices that you have the app installed. And standard these days are sharing options for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes. The two things I like best about Feedly is that it can import your Google Reader feeds before the service shuts down, and that it is available on the web, tablets, smartphones or whichever device you have. Free on the App Store.


Zite-App-Icon_thumbWhat makes Zite so great is that it is an intelligent magazine that displays articles that are tailored towards your interests. By linking a Twitter, Facebook, Pocket or Google Reader account, Zite can automatically learn what kind of articles you are interested in reading and display them for your perusal. Zite is unique in the sense that, since it adjusts to your personal reading habits, you’ll come across articles that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Zite also has filters that can be enabled to show you more or less of a particular subject, such as iOS or iPhone. It also has an Explore tab that allows you to discover new websites and topics that you might find appealing. Like other digital magazines, these subjects range from business and travel to social media and gaming. Zite is a free download on the App Store, and is optimized for both iPad and iPhone.


PressReaderWith a monthly subscription, PressReader delivers over 2,300 digital newspaper publications to your iPad. You can browse or search through the different newspapers offered and, with a subscription, download any publication that you wish. There are thousands of local, national, and international newspapers that are available right at your fingertips in iPad-optimized fashion. It’ll cost though, at 99 cents per issue or $29.99 per month.

Every newspaper that is offered is available from cover-to-cover, including top stories, sports, weather, and even advertisements. I find it very relaxing to tap, scroll, or pinch-to-zoom when reading these digital publications, whereas a physical newspaper can become very frustrating because of the constant need to fold or turn the pages. Plus, you’re saving the forests. Or you’ll feel like you are, anyways. PressReader is free on the App Store.


Icon_PulsePulse is yet another free social magazine to choose from on iPad, allowing you to select and follow publications from its extensive catalog. Choose from popular sources such as USA Today, TIME, Fox News, Huffington Post or the Associated Press, and share stories via Twitter, Facebook or email.

I personally prefer the design and functionality of other social magazines — namely Flipboard and Zite — a tad better, but it’s worth giving Pulse a shot to see if it’s right for you. At least 20 million other active users do. Like its competitors, Pulse is free on the App Store and optimized for both iPad and iPhone.

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