Cydia: How to Scrub Music on iPhone From Lock Screen Using LSScrubbing

LSScrubbingLSScrubbing is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS that adds audio scrubbing to the lock screen on iPhone and iPod touch. Simply put, scrubbing allows you to go backwards or forwards in a song manually.

It seems like Apple should have integrated this functionality natively a long time ago, but they didn’t, and LSScrubbing finally offers a solution. Unfortunately, that comes at a price.¬†

As noted by Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog, this tweak will run you a hefty $1.99 from the Cydia Store (on the BigBoss repository). I have two problems with that price. First of all, the tweak is only compatible with the native Music app on iOS devices. No Spotify. No Pandora. No

Second, the tweak does not match the native chrome appearance of the volume slider and playback controls. Nevertheless, LSScrubbing fulfills a purpose that some audiophiles might find interesting. If you decide to purchase this tweak and give it a spin, let us know what you think in the comments.


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