NowNow Jailbreak Tweak for iOS Replaces Siri with Google Now (For Real This Time!)


The NowNow tweak by iOS developer Nick Frey has been around since just after the Google app got updated to support Google Now-like voice commands. That wasn’t the real Google Now, though, due to the absence of “Cards,” a feature which provides you with  information you may need before even searching for it. The NowNow jailbreak tweak, which replaces Siri on your iOS device, is still fully compatible with the latest update to the Google app.

Previously, NowNow simply replaced Siri by opening up the Google search app and launching its voice search feature. The tweak still does this, but using Google Now over Siri now makes much more sense. Using NowNow is now beneficial due to the fact that the Google search app now learns from your search queries and habits to provide you with “Cards.” Information provided by Google Now cards range from daily weather to traffic information.


Sadly (on iOS at least), drawbacks from using Google Now over Siri are quite plentiful. Siri is powerful in the fact that it can control various areas of iOS such as your Music and Reminders. But if you don’t use these iOS-integrated features and would be more benefited by the predictive abilities of Google Now and its cards, this tweak might be for you.

Th tweak simply uses activator to launch directly into the Google app, bypassing Siri all while providing quick access to Google Now. Furthermore, using NowNow with the Google app is just as fast if not faster than Siri. It even works from your lock screen assuming you don’t have a passcode enabled.

If you’re interested in finally ditching Siri for good on your iOS device, NowNow is available on Cydia absolutely free.

Image Credit: BGR

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