Google Now Voice Assistant is Now Available on iOS


The Google Now voice assistant that Google introduced on Android almost a year ago is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Like the Android version, this Siri competitor hope to make your life easier by predicting your searches, providing excellent voice recognition, and presenting you with cards which show you information you need “Now.”

Sadly, though, Google is restricted in terms of being able to implement the service. Unlike Android, Google Now for iOS runs within the–previously almost useless–Google app.

Google’s Director of Android User Experience Matias Duarte told NBC News that while the app contains much of the design language present from its Android counterpart, this implementation has made some changes.


“We don’t want to just uniformly force one experience on to anyone, regardless of the platform,” he explained. “It has to be a good visitor in the country it lives in, while still retaining its unique identity. You need to accommodate the environment your experience lives in.”

Google Now may be one of Siri’s only real competitors but, for all intents and purposes, Google Now wins every time. We at iFans have even noted Siri needing a complete overhaul soon if it wants to stay relevant. Unlike Siri, Google Now learns your habits and provides you information you may need via “Cards” without ever having to go search for it.

Google Now comes as an update to the Google’s official iOS update and is available right now on the App Store.

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