Cydia iOS 6 Theme Roundup: Elite 6, Strife, Dune, Ayecon, Buuf, UniAW6.0 for iPhone 5 and More

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One of the biggest draws to jailbreaking an iOS device is the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the platform, far outside the limitations of what Apple imposes. But, with so many Winterboard and Dreamboard themes available, it can become difficult to choose the perfect one for your device.

That’s where we come in. Ahead, we have compiled a roundup of several top iOS 6 themes from within the jailbreak scene. Where possible, we have also shared the necessary tweaks, mods or other Cydia packages that you will need for installation. Grab your iOS device and join us ahead. 

Elite 6

Elite 6 one

If there is one theme in particular that the jailbreaking community has been absolutely ecstatic about, outside of Jaku, it would most certainly be Elite 6. The theme, created by graphic designer BarsOverBeats, skins nearly every aspect of the iOS platform imaginable in pixel-perfect fashion. Alongside a gorgeous custom icon set, Elite 6 themes the lock screen, home screen, status bar, multitasking bar, music player, notification system, phone dialer and more.

The amount of detail and sophistication towards customizing the tiniest elements of iOS is what makes this theme so great. Theme was released less than one month ago and is still classified as a beta, with a team of veteran designers continually working to polish it. Elite 6, compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S/4 and fourth- and fifth-generation iPod touch, is available on the Cydia Store under ModMyi for $3.99.

Strife iPhone 5Strife

Strife is a Dreamboard theme that replicates the design of Windows Phone 7 devices, with drag-and-drop tile arrangement, live tiles, systemwide volume HUD, a dynamic pinning system, the ability to uninstall apps within Dreamboard, built-in search functionality, themed notification banners and a simplistic lock screen setup.

Strife, still currently listed as beta, is fully compatible with the iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS and fifth-generation iPod touch running iOS 6 or later. The theme, designed by EndFinity, is available from the Cydia Store on the ModMyi repository for $1.70. You’ll also want to check out the collection of Strife modifications, which includes Windows Phone status bars, additional live tiles and more.


U2This isn’t a full-blown theme, but rather an impressive animated weather widget for both the lock screen and home screen that has matching wallpapers that change with the weather conditions. The good thing about the widget is that it can be setup with most themes, since I find the creator Ian Nicoll’s screenshots below to be rather cluttered. There is a cleaner looking version by Max_Pain shown as the last image in the slideshow.

UniAW is compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and will automatically detect which of the two devices you have. It’s also available in a variety of versions for Winterboard, iWidget and PerPageHTML. The widget also supports the iPhone 4, but the animations might be slower because it has a slower processor. More information and installation instructions for UniAW can be found within the release thread at the ModMyi forums.


b1This stone-aged theme has been around for several years, and customizes almost all iOS elements. Buuf, designed by Doreen, skins the lock screen, home screen, status bar, phone dialer, weather app, notes app, calendar app and more. That’s just the beginning of what Buuf has to offer, however, as the jailbreaking community has really collaborated around this theme to make it one of the best. Just search “Buuf” on Cydia and you’ll see.

The older iPhone 4 version is available on Cydia by searching for Buuf iPhone 4 HD. The updated version with both iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support can be downloaded here and installed manually on a jailbroken iPhone via SSH. If you have a fourth-generation iPod touch, you would install the iPhone 4 theme. If you have a fifth-generation iPod touch, you’ll want the iPhone 5 theme. Further download links for Buuf elements can be found here, while thousands of additional custom icons are here.


Dune iPhone 5Our own Stephen Hall provided a first look at the Dune theme last month, and claimed that it could be one of the best in its class. Dune, the work of Canadian visual designer Gab (FIF7Y), has a soft and sleek design style with a multi-base icon concept. Essentially, there are three custom icons, each with a unique color scheme, for every app you have installed. Dune is not just a custom icon set, however, as it also skins almost every interface across the iPhone: the lock screen, home screen, app folders, several native apps and more.

Dune is pixel-perfect — gorgeous, really — and currently supports the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. Compatibility with the iPhone 4S/4, iPad and fourth-generation iPod touch is coming later, according to its designer. You won’t find the theme on Cydia or Winterboard, although, as Dune is available exclusively through the Theme it app. Watch the video below to get a true feel for the Dune experience.

Ayecon iPhone 5Ayecon

Ayecon is one of the most iconic Winterboard themes available on Cydia for jailbroken devices. It’s also one of the most universal, with support for the iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod touch 4G/5G, iPad 2/3/4 and iPad mini running iOS 4 or later.

Simply put, Ayecon by Thientam Bach (Surenix) looks fantastic. This theme gives both the icons and other iOS elements a crisp, refined feel that is tenfold better looking than the native appearance.

Other Themes


While we hope you have enjoyed this roundup of popular iOS 6 themes, there are also a significant number of other ones that deserve mention. That’s why we will be following up this article with a part two edition, where we will take a closer look at Jaku, Avadian, Auros, Adoris HD for iPad and more. Also take a look at 9 must-have lock screen themes for iPhone 5 and 5 gorgeous iPhone setups. Let us know what you think of these themes and your personal favorites in the comments.

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