Are iOS Users More Loyal to the Platform?


A new report out on smartphone marketshare shows that Android’s lead may soon diminish, as users of the current Android devices jump ship to other platforms (including iOS, but also BB10, Windows Phone, and others). The idea is that Android users are far less loyal to their platform than iOS users, and as the Android users upgrade devices they are far more likely to choose another operating system.

This has little to do with loyalty to a specific company. Instead, it has more to do with purchased items (such as apps, but also movies and other forms of media). iOS has long led the battle in terms of actually getting users to pay for content, and it’s likely that that factor is a major advantage that Apple holds. Further, very ¬†few people actually use Android as it was designed by Google; Samsung’s devices are easily the most popular Android handsets available, and each and every one of those ships with a heavy dose of TouchWiz.

iPhone 5

This difference in consumer loyalty may actually result in iOS overtaking Android’s marketshare again. While iOS has been slowly gaining on Android for a few quarters, that rate may increase. In fact, projections point towards Apple’s iOS overtaking Android in at least one major market – the US, which has always been an iOS stronghold – by the year 2015.

But let’s remember this: these projections may not happen, as the smartphone market is very vulnerable to disruption by multiple parties.

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