Regarding Apple, VP of Swype Says ‘We’ve Chatted With Them’

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Nuance is a company known for its voice recognition software–notably Dragon– as well as Android’s Swype keyboard. Interestingly, the Vice President of the Swype division at Nuance has said in a Reddit AMA that they have had talks with Apple. Could this mean the potential inclusion of Swype-like software in a future version of iOS?

Swype has long been one of the Android user’s choice keyboards, but what would such input look like if Apple put their spin on it? Below is the question one Redditor asked Mr. Aaron Sheedy in an AMA (ask me anything) thread. Proof that the AMA is legit can be found on Swype’s Twitter account.

I was curious as to whether you’ve ever had any contact with Apple. Any conversations to see if they might have been interested in licensing your technology?

To this, Sheedy replied:

Hah. The million (ok billion) $ questions. Yes, we have chatted with them, they are very smart and nice.

While this by no means suggests that Apple has made a deal with them, knowing that Apple has as little as talked to them gives us an idea as to what kinds of changes the Cupertino corporation may be making as part of iOS 7.

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While Sheedy obviously didn’t want to share any details regarding the meeting, he did jokingly say that the people at Apple are “very smart and nice.” Maybe the chats went well?

Swype is not the only company innovating in the keyboard arena. Minuum has also tried to enter this space with a creative keyboard of their own. Minuum’s indigogo campaign surpassed its goal by more than $70,000.

For those that don’t know, you can grab Swype on the Play Store for $.99. If you’re on a  jailbroken iOS device you can get TouchPal, a tweak that brings very similar functionality.

Source: Reddit

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