Top iOS App Vine is On Its Way to Android ‘Soon’


As many of you probably know, Twitter’s Vine is currently #1 on the iOS App Store. Those of us with iOS devices are enjoying the exclusivity, but apps like this (i.e. Instagram) get to a point where demand on other platforms is too high. Vine has announced that it will be ported to Android “soon.”

Vine says an Android app is coming “soon,” and a feature to let you tag friends is already awaiting approval from Apple. In the meantime, the company remains focused on concealing complexity, and ensuring a simple, painless experience for users.

Other information that Vine shared with The Verge, though, included talk of how they made their app “conceal complexity.” ┬áThe original article notes many nuances that happen in the background of Vine to make the app better.

The app encodes video as you record it, so by the time you’re done shooting, the app’s finished processing it. Also, audio between shots is gently crossfaded to avoid abrasive sounds and pops during the transitions.

These nuances are one of the things that has helped Vine succeed and pass the likes of Cinemagram. They’re probably also partially to blame for what seems to be massive demand for Android to see a port.

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