Check Out this Awesome Piano Passcode Lock Tweak

2013-04-23 16_46_07-

How would you like to unlock your iOS device by simply playing a keyboard tune? Thanks to YouTube user and tweak developer prof89 you will be able to do so very soon. As the tweak shows, you will simply be able to set any tune you prefer as your lockscreen passcode. Repeating it will unlock your device. See the full video below.

Notably, I wouldn’t recommend this be your device’s first line of defense if you actually need to protect sensitive data. To be able to enjoy this tweak, you would need to have your device’s volume up to hear the piano. Doing so, though, you would reveal your passcode to everyone around. While it may be a cool party trick, I would steer clear if you actually need a safeguard on your device.

As posted on Reddit, this is only a preview of what the tweak will eventually be able to do. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what kind of tune you would want to set as your passcode. If it were me, I would probably play the very beginning of the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

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