Lockscreen Launcher Tweak Atom Now Available on Cydia


There are a large variety of lockscreen app launcher tweaks, but unlike some, this one is very polished. Atom reminds me a lot of JellyLock in that it allows you to drag a selector to choose various methods of unlocking your device. Like JellyLock, Atom gives you a small unlock tab that you can drag over your preset applications. These applications when selected will launch directly, bypassing the iOS home screen. 

If you want to just head straight to your home screen, simply drag the button to the center of the atom and release.

While some may argue that–from a design standpoint–this tweak completely ruins the point of having a home screen, I can imagine that some would want quick access to a larger variety of apps. I personally prefer JellyLock because I don’t need more than 3 apps on hand at any given time. If you just so happen to have 6 commonly used apps, maybe this is for you.

The tweak is undoubtedly polished, though, making it one of the prime choices for lockscreen app launchers.

The tweak doesn’t provide any customization options besides picking the six apps displayed on the lock screen. As far as I know, you must have six applications visible and there is no way to change that as of this release.

The tweak is available right now within the Cydia Store for a cool $1.99.

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