Antennagate is Finally Over


Remember that time when late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said an iconic phrase that went something along the lines of, “you’re holding it wrong”? The year was 2010, and Apple had just recently debuted its flagship iPhone 4 that June. Unfortunately, due to an engineering mishap, the handset suffered from a major cellular data connection problem. Essentially, if you held the iPhone in your hand and gripped the sides in a certain way, the smartphone would instantly drop in bars and lose its reception.

The situation caused a lot of backlash from the Apple community, but Jobs and company refused to believe that the problem was as big as people made it out to be. Instead, they held a press conference where Jobs made that aforementioned remark, and offered affected customers with an opportunity to get a free “Bumper” case for their device. A year later, Apple would fix the problem when it released the iPhone 4S with changes to itsĀ antennuation. But not before a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple and won, and those people are finally getting their $15 checks. And that’s that.


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