ZodTTD Releases gpSPhone 8 Beta for Free, Here’s How to Get It

The moment has finally come and ZodTTD has returned to bring us his latest emulator release, gpSPhone 8. This highly anticipated Game Boy Advance emulator first and foremost brings with it compatibility for iOS 6.0 and above. As ZodTTD notes, this release also brings changes to user interface, controller skins, and cheat code support.

While completely free for you to download and use, ZodTTD would like to remind us that it is still in beta and that there are definitely many kinks that still need to be ironed out. But that’s why he has released it to us after all, isn’t it? The response to his original thread asking if the iFans community would be interested was enormous, and now it’s our turn to deliver. Check out gpSPhone 8 and be sure to let Zod know if you run into any problems.

iFans forum member ZodTTD Writes:

As many know, I came back to iFans a short while ago with a question as to whether I should bring back my beta repo and start updating my jailbroken iOS work. The response here was overwhelmingly awesome! While it took me longer than I expected to jump back into things, I have a gpSPhone beta ready as promised. I set up a Cydia repo to add where my betas will be posted and able to be updated. It’s a public repo and it’s free with no obligation to donate, etc.

Information on how to install the emulator and notes on currently known bugs can be found in ZodTTD’s forum thread. Head over there, download the beta, and be sure to report back with any and all bugs you encounter.

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