App Store Today: Timbuktu, GoComics, Yahoo Integrates Summly and More

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Every day there are countless updates and releases across the App Store. Unless you have tons of extra time and check your App Store app every day for changes, you probably miss out on those that are most important. Furthermore, apps that you don’t already own might see changes that convince you to give them a try! Read on for today’s notable app updates and releases.



As you may know, Yahoo! acquired startup Summly last month for a cool $30 million. This app’s unveiling features Summly summaries for all of its news stories as well as a personalized news feed that syncs across your devices via your Yahoo! ID.

via TechCrunch



Netflix definitely holds as one of the most used apps on iOS, and today it received an update that packs a couple new features and bug fixes. Among features apart of this update include a redesigned audio and subtitle selector as well as the inclusion of easy episode selection.

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2013-04-22 18_00_16-Despite App Store rules crackdown, comparison tool AppShopper returns with a soc

Despite Apple’s crackdown on “App Listing” apps, AppShopper has made its triumphant return to the App Store. The new app, AppShopper Social, brings social recommendations to the spotlight of the app, essentially requiring you to follow other’s “App Lists.” You can find friends easier by integrating your Twitter account. Let’s hope AppGratis eventually has the same luck.

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Fans of classic comics can hate no longer, GoComics has been released in the App Store. The app allows you to browse a wide variety of current and past comics. It’s currently ad-supported, but a Pro account will remove ads and provide unlimited access to all the comics your little heart could desire.

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As most probably know, apps aimed at children have a shoddy track record for employing not-so-subtle in-app purchase techniques. iPad children’s magazine Timbuktu was one of those apps. The company has now admitted that its previous ways were wrong, and has updated its app to provide a simpler subscription service. Tibuktu is a monthly magazine for children that provides a “wonderful reading experience.”

via TechCrunch

Fish Out of Water

If you’re a fan of Fruit Ninja or Jetpack Joyride, you may want to pay attention to this one. I’m not going to bother explaining this one–the video above should document this release fairly well. If TouchArcade has given it good reviews, I highly recommend checking it out.

via TouchArcade


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