iPhone 5 Too Mainstream? Here’s a $15 Million iPhone Encrusted With Diamond and Gold


Is the iPhone 5 just too popular for you to use? Do you want to be that guy or girl that sticks out in a crowd? Oh, but you like iOS? Do you have a small fortune to throw away on an extravagant product? There’s a solution for your conundrum, and it comes in the form of an iPhone 5 encrusted with gold and diamonds.

Created by Stuart Hughes (a company that caters to the ridiculously rich, with products ranging from custom yachts to, apparently priceless iPhones), this iPhone 5 features no less than 600 white diamonds along the sides, 53 diamonds on the home button, and an incredibly rare, $14.5 million black diamond that sits on the home button. With that much wealth adorning the device, it seems as if this product is meant for a museum shelf than the pocket of an everyday owner.

I do have one question, though: how’s the warranty?

[Redmond Pie]

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