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OlloClip | Detachable Lens | $ 69.99

With each iteration of the iPhone, Apple has included minute upgrades to the camera. With the iPhone 5, a new lens was placed on it. Phone cameras have improved vastly in the past few years. Their flexability, however, has remained quite constant. They make great point ‘n shoots, and everyone knows that the best camera is the one on you. The OlloClip hopes to extend the power of the iPhone’s camera by supplying a lens. 

In the Box

  • OlloClip
  • Lens Caps
  • Carrying Pouch


The OlloClip was originally designed with a single product in mind, the iPhone 5. That said, the design of the OlloClip is made to fit snug on the iPhone. They do offer, however, adaptors for the iPod Touch. Additionally, products for the iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4th gen are also available. The design is very simplistic, the lens clips onto your iDevice and can be taken off. The lenses have a metal body and are available in 3 colors.


Design: ★★★★


The OlloClip has one main feature split into three parts. All of them attempt to improve the limitations that have been placed on your iDevice’s camera. The first would be the fisheye lens. This lens is really more of a novelty in my opinion, but the other two serve a better purpose. The wide-angle lens does a nice job allowing you to get more into the photo, but also closer and more personal with the subject. Screw off the wide-angle lens and you’ll be left with a strong Macro lens with a fixed focal point of about a centimeter.


The lenses work decently, and will definitely improve upon the ability of your iDevice if used properly. That said, right now, only the iPod and iPhone are officially supported (and the iPod only with an adapter).

Features: ★★★★½


Fortunately, the OlloClip does have good craftsmanship to ensure that it’s strong and durable. The actual part that clips to your iDevice is made of a nice thicker plastic while the lenses are metal and machined very nicely. OlloClip includes lens caps for the lenses as well to keep them further protected.


A small pouch is also included with the OlloClip for safekeeping while not in use. Combined with a clipping mechanism, the small lens kit can be just a fingertip away wherever you are. The pouch will also protect the lens itself from debris when not in use.


Build: ★★★★


There’s a saying that goes something like this, “The best camera is the one that you have on you.” This is a very true statement, and the OlloClip aims to ensure that the camera you have with you can be enhanced a little bit. It won’t turn your cameraphone into a thousand dollar SLR, but it can improve it (as always, technique and composition remain key). The main problem, though, is that OlloClip is only targeting a couple iDevices instead of creating something more universal. This may deter you away from using the product. Additionally, I feel that the iPod Touch adapter should come standard in the box (although the lens still works without it).

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

OlloClip did have a good idea with their lens. There is no need to glue metal rings to your precious iDevices or rely on magnetics that can fail at times. The clip works pretty well overall though. For the avid mobile photographer that hates lugging around a large SLR, an iDevice with the OlloClip may make a decent compromise.

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Overall Score


OlloClip for iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5G

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