Rumor: iTV to Integrate Netflix Streaming

Businessweek is reporting that the revamped Apple TV, rumored to be announced tomorrow, will feature baked-in Netflix streaming.

Additionally, Apple is in talks with News Corp to bring $.99 TV rentals from major television networks, including FOX, CBS, and ABC’s parent company Disney.

This, however, would be the first time Apple has preloaded their own device with a service that actually competes with their own. With that said, Netflix is also available on the AppStore for the iPad (and now the iPhone too!), so it wouldn’t be out of the question, especially since Apple wants to leverage the momentum of the device and garner more sales.

Many people may buy a $99 iTV just for Netflix, and that’s when they will start to use Apple’s other offerings such as apps, movie rentals, and other purchased content… We will see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks qaiz!

[Business Week]

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