Verizon Has Sold More iPhones Now Than At This Time Last Year

iPhone 5 twoVerizon Wireless has announced its financial results for the first quarter, posting $29.4 billion revenue on sales of 4 million iPhones and 7.2 million smartphones overall. Comparatively, the carrier sold 3.2 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012, an increase of 800,000 units year-over-year.

Verizon did see its iPhone sales drop from the fourth quarter, when it sold 6.2 million of the popular Apple handset; however, overall sales are always inflated during the fourth quarter, which encompasses the busy holiday shopping season. 

TechCrunch shares specific numbers from Verizon’s earnings conference call:

iPhones represented a little over half of its total smartphone sales for the quarter, or 55.6 percent. Verizon activated 7.2 million smartphones in total in Q1 2013, and 5.9 million LTE devices, which means iPhones accounted for around one-third of all LTE device sales at the carrier during the three-month period.

These financial numbers foreshadow the earnings that Apple will soon report for the first quarter. There has been speculation among analysts and industry followers that Apple might miss the mark on iPhone sales, but Verizon’s sales are actually rather strong.


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