What Could Amazon Be Doing with a Siri Competitor?


When Siri was launched alongside the iPhone 4S, it was truly a unique product in many ways. While voice assistants had existed in similar forms, Siri was the first mobile voice interface that truly worked – but that title didn’t last long.

Users on Android, long accustomed to having an incredibly feature-rich device, soon were provided with an alternative in the form of Evi. Evi, which was also available on iOS, has apparently been sold to Amazon for roughly $26 million. That’s quite the price, particularly for a service which was built atop Nuance’s voice-recognition system (the same system that powers Siri).

What could Amazon want with such a system? It’s been rumored that Amazon is busily creating a low-cost Android smartphone, similar to its Kindle Fire line of cheap Android tablets. Could this service be a part of a larger plan?


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