iTunes May Double Song Sample Length

CNET has word from multiple sources that Apple plans to double the song preview length in iTunes, in effort to dissuade users from going to another service like YouTube to get a longer sample. Currently, it only offers a short 30 second sample, which isn’t long enough to get a feel of the song. Longer previews will keep customers from leaving the iTunes window, and allow them to better experience the song, leading to potentially greater sales.

Sadly, it also appears that Apple’s rumored cloud-based music service isn’t yet ready for prime time.

For those who are hoping Apple will finally launch the cloud music service that CNET and others have written so much about in recent months, you’re likely going to have to keep waiting. Apple still hasn’t obtained the licenses the major music labels would require iTunes to acquire to allow users to store their music libraries on the company’s servers and then access them from Web-enabled devices, according to multiple music industry sources.

There is a good chance that any important updates will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned. (No pun intended.)


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