iOS 4.1 Won’t Fix Proximity Sensor Issue

If The Next Web is correct, then Apple is seriously dropping the ball with the upcoming 4.1 update. Some iPhone 4 users have been plagued with proximity sensor problems since day 1, causing accidental hangups and button presses during ongoing calls. The 4.1 beta releases showed some signs of improvement, but not a full fix, and it looks like the official release won’t have one either.

With iOS 4.1 in its final beta testing stages and about to be released to the world, it appears the fix will not be forthcoming when it rolls out to users.

Apple Australia spokeswoman Fiona Martin has acknowledged that the company has yet to fix the proximity sensor issue, something that will have iPhone 4 users up in arms if they download the update, only to find the problems are still apparent.

Apple has a knack for ‘fixing’ hardware problems with software solutions, so all they need to do is change the face-detecting algorithm, how hard could that be?

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