Foxconn Ramps Up Hiring In Order to Meet Demand for Upcoming iPhone


The WSJ, famed for their accurate Apple sources, is reporting that Foxconn is beginning a massive hiring spree in order to meet demand for the next-generation iPhone. Foxconn, who has long been a favored manufacturing partner for Apple, temporarily paused hiring new workers during the Chinese Holidays. That pause has been lifted, and it seems likely that the recent hires are due to a tighter timeframe that would involve a new iPhone being pushed out this summer, instead of in September or October.

Foxconn is infamous for having poor working conditions, and Apple has in the past been put under pressure to either help improve said conditions or terminate the long-standing partnership between the two companies.Last year, stories circulated that conditions were improving steadily, albeit at a pace slower than some wished. Regardless, it seems as if the partnership between Apple and Foxconn remains strong.

[The WSJ]

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