Sentry’s Take on Cydia


Have you ever wondered what Cydia would look like if it got a UI overhaul?  Like with many other potential iOS facelifts, Sentry is here to answer that question for us. The interface is very reminiscent of the App Store, with tabs that include “Details,” “Images,” and “Reviews.” Also notable is what I presume is a Cydia-side review system. 

Also worth noting is the obvious lack of ads. Due to the fact that Cydia itself does not host packages, I can’t see that being a possibility. The default repos (BigBoss, ModmyI, etc.) are where most packages are hosted, and they depend on ad revenue to stay online.


Sentry, however, notes that this is simply the “UI of an old project,” meaning that it most likely won’t see the light of day any time soon even if Saurik was interested.

Tap bar UI of an old project (iTweak Store). Animation was nifty; highlight indent warped in and out via a minimize and expand effect, on tap.

If you want to see this design as well as Sentry’s entire lineup of concepts, check out his Dribbble account. Would you be up for a complete Cydia UI overhaul?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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