The Future Doesn’t Seem Very Promising for Microsoft

Microsoft's attempt at tackling the tablet industry with the Surface, pictured above, has been largely unsuccessful.

Microsoft’s attempt at tackling the iPad with the Surface tablet has been largely unsuccessful.

The decline of the PC era is only going to get worse, analysts predict. Netbook sales are being cannibalized by tablets, namely the iPad. Microsoft’s own Surface tablet has been largely unable to make even in a small dent in the tablet market. And even Windows Phone has been largely an aside, with significantly smaller market share over the likes of iPhone and Android-powered smartphones.

The future doesn’t look all that promising for Microsoft.

And, perhaps worse, the company is not cool anymore. Apple is cool. Samsung is cool. Microsoft? Not so much. Perhaps the Redmond-based corporation should start from the top, and seriously evaluate how effective Steve Ballmer has been in his chief executive position at Microsoft. After all, he is highly-regarded as the worst CEO of any major corporation. But, in the meantime, it could be a bumpy road for Microsoft.

How do you think Microsoft will fare in the months and years ahead?

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