Would You Switch to Android Should iOS 7 Be a Disappointment?

android logo white outlineThere has been a lot of talk surrounding the forthcoming iOS 7 software update lately, with most pundits agreeing that the iPhone platform is in store for some major revisions.

With the departure of former iOS head Scott Forstall last October, and subsequent transition of responsibilities towards Apple design chief Jonathan Ive, it is widely believed that the iPhone software will gain a much more flat, minimalistic design with less skeuomorphism.

The highly-connected John Gruber of Daring Fireball has previously claimed that iOS 7 will be a “major overhaul,” a big enough change that Apple has reportedly had to delay the unveiling of the software and pull engineers from OS X 10.9 to work on the update. Nevertheless, everything we know about iOS 7 remains nothing but a rumor thus far. There is still an outside chance that, despite what we’ve heard, iOS 7 could still be a flop.

Apple has faced some criticism in recent months for iOS, as iPhone users grow tired of the same experience. While the additions of Notification Center, Siri, and other features have been welcomed, iOS has largely grown boring. So, if the seventh major version of the iPhone software is indeed a disappointment, or barely an iterative refresh over iOS 6, would it be enough for you to consider switching to the rival Android operating system?

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