Report: Microsoft Working on ‘iWatch’ Competitor


There has been a lot of talk lately about wearable products, ranging from the so-called “iWatch” to Google Glass. Yet, none of these products have yet to hit the market. Okay, maybe Pebble. But that’s about it. But, while we’re still speculating about wearable devices, the Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is also working on its own watch-like product that may or may not actually materialize.

Citing unnamed supply chain sources, The Journal claims that Microsoft asked Asian suppliers to ship components for the device. If the reports are true, Microsoft would be joining the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, and others looking to capitalize on a forecasted boom in wearable electronics.

It seems like the latest craze in the consumer electronics industry could be wearable technology, with Google Glass just around the corner and Apple rumored to be working on the purported “iWatch” for release in the foreseeable future. But, one must consider how successful Microsoft would be in expanding into this product market, after its rather poor attempt at tackling the tablet game with the Surface slate.

[WSJ via The Verge]

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