Sentry’s Lockscreen Grabber Concept Comes to Life

2013-04-14 13_35_19-

Ryan Petrich is at it again, this time bringing one of Sentry’s most interesting concepts to life. Petrich’s latest tweak, Grabby, will undoubtedly soon be joining ranks with other popular lockscreen tweaks such as JellyLock and Unfold.

Grabby is a tweak that allows you to customize your iOS grabber. Stock iOS only has one grabber, but this tweak adds three more: one for,, and These three icons can actually be customized to open whichever app you choose, but their icons can not be changed. This can come in handy, however, if you prefer BiteSMS to the standard messaging app, for instance.

For an idea of how this tweak works, see Sentry’s concept video from December of last year:

Please note that this tweak is only version 0.1 and is still in beta. I have installed it myself, and have found it to be unpolished and glitchy in its current form. When sliding the various icons up, the screen flashes erratically and there are many bugs that definitely interfere with its usability.

If you’re bent on installing it, however, you can do so via adding Ryan Petrich’s personal repo – — to your list of Cydia sources. I find Sentry’s concepts to be awesome, and hope this is only the first of many implementations of them. What do you think?

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