Fingerprint Scanning Could Be Headline Feature of iPhone 5S

fingerprint scannerApple sticks to a distinct trend when it comes to launching new iPhone models. The iPhone 3G was a massive change over the original iPhone, while the iPhone 3GS was an iterative refresh. Likewise, the iPhone 4 was groundbreaking compared to the iPhone 3GS, while the iPhone 4S was yet another incremental refresh. Most recently, Apple debuted the all-new thinner and lighter iPhone 5 with full anodized aluminum unibody. Again, a big change.

Each time Apple releases an incremental refresh to the iPhone, however, it includes a flagship feature that gives previous-generation users the urge to upgrade. With the iPhone 3GS, it was the massive speed improvements. With the iPhone 4S, it was the Siri voice assistant. And with the so-called “iPhone 5S,” at least one analyst believes that a fingerprint scanner of sorts could be the major selling point of the handset. 

BGR has the scoop:

“We believe fingerprint identification technology will be part of the iPhone 5S and this is likely to be the major new feature used to market the iPhone 5S, similar to what Siri was to the iPhone 4S,” Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White wrote in a research note on Friday.

Apple did acquire security firm AuthenTec for a whopping $356 million, one of its largest mergers ever, back in July 2012. AuthenTec is known for fingerprint sensors, touchchips and security technologies, so it was somewhat expected that the Cupertino-based corporation might integrate these features into its future Apple products. The iPhone 5S will reportedly launch in the June – August timeframe.


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