Chinese Man Pickpockets iPhone Off Moving Bicyclist Using Chopsticks

iPhone Chinese Theft

While the theft of Apple products might be becoming more commonplace, even contributing to a rise in the overall crime rate in New York City, a Chinese man, only identified by his surname of Wang, has gone to entirely new levels to steal a shiny iPhone from an innocent passerby.

Wang, in the middle of downtown Zhengzhou, a metro area with a population exceeding 6 million, was able to successfully pickpocket an iPhone off an unsuspecting woman riding her bicycle in the streets. Using chopsticks. And the lady didn’t even notice, and kept pedalling away.

Wang eventually turned himself into to local authorities after seeing images of his face plastered across media reports, claiming that he only began committing these petty crimes to support his young daughter that he raises alone.

[Shanghaiist via Kotaku]

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