Detailed Pictures of Cases for the iPod Touch 4G and Nano Surface

Detailed pictures of the X-doria cases from last week have cropped up, giving a much better look at what the next generation iPods will (probably) look like.

First up is the case for the new Übersmall Nano/Shuffle hybrid. The screen on this mystery device is going to be small. If it does in fact use the 3cm x 3cm touchscreen that was leaked, then it’s going to take an extremely simplistic UI to make it usable. It also appears to have three buttons: presumably power, volume up and volume down (iPhone 4 style). It looks like it will also use Apple’s standard 30 pin dock connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The rectangular cut-out on the back could be for a clip of some sort, but it seems a bit small for it to be sturdy. (Maybe it is a kickstand like the Evo 4g, so you can show movies to your pet mouse.)

Check out more pictures after the break.


The case for the iPod Touch supports what was previously rumored: a camera and flat back. Numerous sources have claimed that the backing will resemble a MacBook Pro, with rounded edges and raw aluminum finish. Personally, I think that a MacBook-esque backing would trump everything Apple has offered so far. It doesn’t scratch as easily as the polished finish on the current iPod Touch, and it will be much more shatter-proof than the iPhone 4′s glass derriere.

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