BlackBerry 10 Launch in United States Hasn’t Been Well Received

BlackBerry Z10 White

While there has been a lot of positive news surrounding the BlackBerry 10 launch since late January, things aren’t looking so good for the Canadian corporation south of its native soil. In the United States, reception to the new BlackBerry 10 platform — and Z10 smartphone that runs the software — hasn’t been met with much acclaim.

The numbers speak for themselves:

A recent poll by MKM Partners reveals that an overwhelming 83% of Americans do not know that BlackBerry has launched their new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone or  new Blackberry 10 platform.

The company’s trouble does not just include marketing woes. The Wall Street Journal reports that over 50% of customers have returned their BlackBerry smartphones after trying out the platform.

The smartphone market in the United States has long been dominated by the iPhone and Android devices, making it extremely difficult for smaller handset makers in BlackBerry and Windows Phone to push their devices to consumers. BlackBerry has since denied the high return rates in the U.S., claiming that they are in line with most other premium smartphones.


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