Parts for an Alleged iPhone 5S Leak Once Again


It’s always around this amount of time before a new Apple device ships that we start seeing purported parts leak to the internet. Last month, we saw home button and volume button hardware via French website iLab Factory has today posted photos of not only those two very same pieces of hardware from last month, but also a new piece that appears to house the device’s front-facing camera.

As MacRumors notes, the volume switch, vibrator, and mute switch hardware we saw last month seem to  have a unique feature. The volume up and volume down keys are buttons as per usual, but the location of the mute switch is now a button as well.


Compare the above photo to this, iPhone 5 hardware. Mute switch boxed in red.

iLab Factory has noted that the vibrating motor for the newer, iPhone 5S hardware is of dual-head design, unlike that of the iPhone 5.

The third–and only new– part revealed today is the inner hardware for the phone’s front-facing camera. It appears to be nearly identical to that of the iPhone 5, but MacRumors notes that it is missing the microphone and other hardware seen on the corresponding iPhone 5 part.


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