iTV Controller Concept is an iPhone Sans Screen

The updated Apple TV is (allegedly) going to be released in a few days, ready to once again revolutionize your life. If the rumors are true, Apple’s latest contender to the set-top-box market will support applications and games from the App Store. That sounds wonderful, but what good is an entertainment system without a controller? The original Apple TV uses the same minimalistic Apple Remote that is packaged with iMacs, but I can’t imagine playing Plants vs. Zombies with that.

In comes this beauty: A concept controller that has the familiar form factor of an iPhone, but without all the expensive goodies. Essentially, it is a mini multitouch trackpad with an accelerometer and gyroscope. Apple’s current option is far too large to be couch-friendly, and doesn’t have all the gizmos required to make many games playable. (Plus, at $70, it almost costs as much as the iTV itself .)

An App Store-compatible iTV couldn’t possibly use the existing Apple Remote or Multitouch Trackpad (or force users to buy an iPod Touch), so Apple must have something completely new up their sleeves. But what will it be?

[Venomous Porridge]

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