Yahoo and Apple Teaming Up for Deeper iOS Integration

yahoo-logoThe Wall Street Journal reported earlier today that Apple is now in talks with Yahoo to widen their partnership across Apple’s iOS.

As many of you know, Yahoo is already the main provider of weather information for the iOS stock weather app. Furthermore, Apple’s voice assistant Siri uses this information as well. But what else could they possibly bring to the table in light of relatively heightened competition between Google and Apple?

Apple is obviously pushing for a less Google-featured iOS, removing the stock YouTube app and ditching Google maps being two obvious examples of said move. At the same time, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer hopes to save the slowing internet giant.

As the Journal pointed out, however, switching Google for Yahoo as iOS’ default search engine wouldn’t make any sense either considering that Microsoft’s Bing now powers Yahoo search.

Obviously, Apple has a decent amount of interest in integrating other services into iOS; they did so with Facebook and Twitter in the last two years. Yahoo, though, is not exactly a booming search engine in comparison to Google’s overwhelming lead. What services could Yahoo possibly provide?

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