Quick Tip: Tap to Edit Siri Speech Bubbles

Siri Quick Tip

While there are times when Siri can be a legitimately¬†useful feature, the voice assistant can become frustrating when it fails to recognize your voice properly. Usually when this happens, Siri will display a speech bubble that shows what it thinks you tried to say; but, in most cases, it’s terribly wrong.

Fortunately, a lesser-known trick has surfaced that most iOS users probably didn’t know about. Simply tap the speech bubble with the incorrect text, and you can actually backspace and type in what you meant to say. Of course, this kind of defeats the purpose of the voice assistant feature in the first place.

Nevertheless, this is a very minor quick tip that should be valuable to at least some heavy Siri users that deal with the frustration of improper voice recognition. Siri does learn your voice with time, and it’s still advertised as a beta service, so we’ll cut her some slack for at least a little longer.

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