Google Fiber Heading to Austin, Texas in 2014

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Google Fiber, the internet service that made its debut in Kansas last year with some of the fastest speeds seen, will be expanding in 2014 to Austin, Texas. The gigabit internet service built by Google should become available to homes sometime in 2014, as the service is rolled out across the city.

Today, we’re pleased to announce with Mayor Lee Leffingwell that Austin, Texas is becoming a Google Fiber city. It’s a mecca for creativity and entrepreneurialism, with thriving artistic and tech communities, as well as the University of Texas and its new medical research hospital. We’re sure these folks will do amazing things with gigabit access, and we feel very privileged to have been welcomed to their community.

With offices of various tech giants (including Apple and Samsung) in the city, as well as various startups making the central-Texas town their home, Austin is rapidly becoming a center of technological progress to rival even Silicon Valley in California.


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