Chrome for iOS Updated with Fullscreen Mode

chromeChrome’s been around on iOS for a long time now. What hasn’t been around, though, is the app’s ability to go fullscreen on iPhone and iPod touch. That feature was introduced in today’s update  along with a variety of other useful enhancements such as the ability to save a webpage to Google Drive as a PDF. The full change log is after the break.

What’s New in Version 26.0.1410.50
Fullscreen for iPhone and iPod touch
-Scroll the toolbar off the screen to enjoy the full page of content.
-Quickly re-access the omnibox by scrolling back down.

-Print web pages with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint.
-Save any page as a PDF to Google Drive

Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

As you can see above, other new features include the ability to print web pages with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint, and various security improvements and bug fixes.

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