Exciting Tweak Velox May Be the New Reason to Jailbreak

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

That didn’t take long. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a slew of concept mockups and videos that all looked strikingly similar to one another. They all proposed a context menu of sorts that provides functionality for all of your apps on the iOS home screen. Hundreds of proponents to these ideas called on tweak developers to make them happen, in hopes of providing this functionality before Apple unveils what they have in store for iOS 7. Velox does this and does it well, courtesy of @bensge@fto2g, and @satropuk.

Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog has gotten his hands on a preview version of the tweak and put together a thorough video walkthrough explaining its ins and outs. As he says in the video, this is only a preview version of Velox and it’s expected be fully released within “the next two weeks or so.”

Velox is primarily useful for the native iOS apps and others that have been hand-picked by the tweak’s developers. As you can see in the photo above, you can share your most recently taken photo by performing a quick swipe down on Photos.app. Other features include the ability to take photos directly from the home screen, quickly compose notes, and view weather information without ever having to open an app. As Benjamin notes, however, any app that provides notifications will work with this tweak as a simple and quick way to view said notifications.

If Apple adopted this tweak’s concepts, they could take the idea one step further. While these jailbreak developers can’t really do much besides provide functionality, Apple would be able to support the idea via various developer APIs. If Apple adopted a similar concept, these context menus could be included as part of an app’s IPA build and allow any and all App Store developers to provide unique functionality.

The tweak successfully captures the “app context menu” idea that many were building off of each other last week. This is truly the kind of killer feature that many hope gets included as part of iOS in the near future. It will supposedly cost $1.99 upon launch within the next couple of weeks. Are you a buyer?


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